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BLOG     18 | 04 | 2019
What is co-accountability and why is it important for multi-stakeholder initiatives?

Traditional forms of accountability and accounting are primarily addressed to the shareholders (or owners), who are rational economic actors with interest in the economic and financial dimension …

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NEWS     06 | 03 | 2019
MULTI-ACT CSEAR Seminar on Post-Normal Science Held Today

Today, the University of Trento and the University of Burgos, in partnership with MULTI-ACT and CSEAR, hold a full day seminar (and webinar) on post-normal science. The aim of this joint …

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EVENTS     04 | 02 | 2019
EMSP Annual Conference 2019

The Annual EMSP Conference 2019 will be held under the theme Digital Health in MS Management in Vilnius, Lithuania from 9 to 11 May 2019. PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS Latest …

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EVENTS     22 | 01 | 2019
Post Normal Science: exploring collective accountability

MULTI-ACT CSEAR Seminar on PNS On 6 March, the University of Trento will hold a full day seminar on post-normal science, also accessible through webinar. The aim of this joint …

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BLOG     18 | 01 | 2019
What are multi-stakeholder research initiatives and why do we need them?

Collective governance and transformational governance are instrumental to produce responsible research innovations. An important way in which collective and transformational governance is …

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NEWS     07 | 12 | 2018
MULTI-ACT Videos Launched

During the last Consortium Meeting, MULTI-ACT partners took the time to film some short introductory videos on the project, putting faces to all involved in the project work packages. We invite …

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