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BLOG     18 | 01 | 2019
What are multi-stakeholder research initiatives and why do we need them?

Collective governance and transformational governance are instrumental to produce responsible research innovations. An important way in which collective and transformational governance is …

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NEWS     07 | 12 | 2018
MULTI-ACT Videos Launched

During the last Consortium Meeting, MULTI-ACT partners took the time to film some short introductory videos on the project, putting faces to all involved in the project work packages. We invite …

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NEWS     13 | 11 | 2018
2nd MULTI-ACT Consortium Meeting held in Brussels

The second gathering of the full MULTI-ACT Consortium took place in Brussels, Belgium on 12-13 November 2018. The meeting, taking place 6 months after the kick-off of the project, provided to give …

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NEWS     26 | 10 | 2018
MULTI-ACT Patient Engagement Group (PEG) Kick-off meeting

The first MULTI-ACT Patient Engagement Group (PEG) meeting took place in light of the 2018 MSIF (Multiple Sclerosis International Federation) World Conference in Rome.This working group brought …

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NEWS     27 | 09 | 2018
MULTI-ACT Virtual Stakeholders Strategic Meeting

The first MULTI-ACT Virtual Stakeholders Strategic Meeting was held on 27th September with an aim to engage a core group of stakeholders relevant to the MULTI-ACT projects' strategic mission and …

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NEWS     19 | 06 | 2018
Project promotion at the EAN congress 2018

More than 6700 neurologists met in Lisbon in June during the 4th Congress of European Academy of Neurology. European Brain Council had a dedicated booth where MUTLI-ACT was promoted through …

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