More impact of health research on people with brain diseases

The EU-funded MULTI-ACT project aimed to increase the impact of health research on people with brain diseases. It created and implemented a new model allowing for the effective cooperation of all relevant stakeholders. This is applicable in defining the scope of health research as well as new metrics for the evaluation of its results.

The framework of the project is intended for multi-stakeholder research initiatives, promoted by Health Research Funding & Performing organizations (RFPOs), that may already have been grouped in a multi-stakeholder initiative (e.g. Alliance) or that are willing to start conducting their R&I with a multi-stakeholder and co-accountable approach to reach a transformational mission.

The MULTI-ACT project worked with patients and patient organizations, academics, private and public stakeholders to develop brand new tools to assess the value of research.

The project started in May 2018 and ended in May 2021. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Grant Agreement No. 787570

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MULTI-ACT Digital Toolbox

MULTI-ACT offers a handy digital toolbox that will guide users on the MULTI-ACT path towards participatory governance and stakeholder co-accountability. It is a web-based tool with functions enabling smooth navigations throughout the MULTI-ACT knowledge base and material. The toolbox can be used by Health Research and Performing Organisations (RFPOs) that are currently taking a multi-stakeholder approach to increase the co-accountability of health research or are interested in doing so.

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News, Blog and Events

NEWS     12 | 05 | 2021
MULTI-ACT Project concludes with the launch of Digital Toolbox

12 May 2021 The MULTI-ACT Project concludes today with the official launch of the MULTI-ACT Digital Toolbox, a web-based tool enabling easy navigation through the MULTI-ACT knowledge base. The …

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BLOG     26 | 02 | 2021
MULTI-ACT from the health care manager perspective

The MULTI-ACT project is in the final stages of developing a key component of the research and innovation documentation infrastructure to ensure effective and outcome-orientated cooperation between …

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EVENTS     26 | 03 | 2021
Event Report: MULTI-ACT Final Conference

The MULTI-ACT Model: the path forward for participatory governancein health research and innovation The MULTI-ACT project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation …

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Project Deliverables


Italian MS Society – Italian MS Foundation
Paola Zaratin


European Brain Council

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