NEWS     27 | 09 | 2018

MULTI-ACT Virtual Stakeholders Strategic Meeting

The first MULTI-ACT Virtual Stakeholders Strategic Meeting was held on 27th September with an aim to engage a core group of stakeholders relevant to the MULTI-ACT projects’ strategic mission and objectives.

MULTI-ACT aims to operationalize a multi-stakeholder accountability framework that offers a more participatory and realistic evaluation of health R&I impact. Stakeholder engagement is then an essential and critical element for the success of the project. It allows us to involve the variety of actors related to health R&I (e.g. patients, patient organizations, researchers, public health organizations, policy-makers, product-makers) to co-create the Collective Research Impact Framework (CRIF). By means of stakeholder engagement, we seek to identify and understand the different interests, perspectives and dimensions that are relevant for those actors related to health R&I in order to balance and take their interests into account in the production of the CRIF. Additionally, the engagement with multiple stakeholders enables them to acknowledge the perspectives of the other constituencies; to mutually learn from each other and to collaborate in a coordinated manner to co-select appropriate metrics for assessing health R&I.

The SM1 was crucial for MULTI-ACT for two main reasons:
-Inviting to collaborate in the development of the CRIF
-Contributing to building a stakeholder network