NEWS     30 | 05 | 2020

MULTI-ACT launches Patient Engagement Guidelines on World MS Day

On the occasion of World MS Day, 30 May 2020, the MULTI-ACT project is pleased to release its Patient Engagement Guidelines.

MULTI-ACT is a three-year project funded within the H2020 Science with and for Society (May 2018 – April 2021) . Its aim is to increase the impact of health research on people with brain disorders by providing a framework and tools for multi-stakeholder health research initiatives, allowing an
effective cooperation of all the relevant stakeholders and the alignment of the results to the mission and agenda.

The MULTI-ACT Patient Engagement Guidelines provide a roadmap to enable patient engagement actions within the multi-stakeholder research initiatives that apply MULTI-ACT Governance Model and related criteria.

A shortened version of the Guidelines is now available for download, below. Find it also in the Documents section of the MULTI-ACT website.

Furthermore, to further disseminate the Patient Engagement Guidelines, MULTI-ACT is pleased to share a video outlining the key messages and core aims of the guidelines: