NEWS     02 | 10 | 2020

Results & Key Findings of the Consultation on the MULTI-ACT Patient Engagement Strategy released

MULTI-ACT is pleased to share the results and key findings on the Consultation on the MULTI-ACT Patient Engagement Strategy. 

The aim of the web survey, launched in October 2019, was to engage stakeholders of Health Research & Innovation (R&I) to share their views on specific aspects of the patient engagement in research and innovation in order to consolidate the MULTI-ACT Patient Engagement Strategy with relevant insights.

The MULTI-ACT Consortium would like to thank all the respondents for taking their time to complete the survey and for expressing their opinions, perspectives and thoughts on how patient engagement should be implemented at different steps of the R&I process, in order to maximize its impact on the outcomes that matter most to people. By participating in the consultation, they contributed to the development of the MULTIACT Patient Engagement Strategy and guidelines, for making R&I more responsible toward patients and society.

The results of the consultation are available here.