NEWS     10 | 12 | 2020

MULTI-ACT launches factsheets on key project pillars

The MULTI-ACT consortium is pleased to share with you a series of fact sheets, breaking down the most important aspects of three key pillars of the project: the MULTI-ACT Patient Engagement Guidelines, the MULTI-ACT Master Scorecard and the MULTI-ACT Governance Model.

The MULTI-ACT Patient Engagement Guidelines provide a roadmap to constructively capture, understand and draw on the knowledge patients acquire through their experience with and of the disease (‘experiential knowledge’) for co-creation purposes. Patient engagement actions are enablers for multi-stakeholder research initiatives that aim to have a more participatory governance and effective methods for stakeholder engagements, in line with the MULTI-ACT Governance Model and related criteria. Learn more:

The MULTI-ACT Master Scorecard is one of the core components of the MULTI-ACT Collective Research Impact Framework (CRIF). The scorecard has been developed to measure the co-accountability – multiple interests – of a multi- stakeholder research organisation for a given mission and agenda. Learn more:

The MULTI-ACT Governance Model is the result of a co-design process carried out by the MULTI-ACT project partners. It is a tool to facilitate and improve the efficiency of the implementation of multi-stakeholder engagement and collaborative initiatives in health research. Learn more: