BLOG     26 | 02 | 2021
MULTI-ACT from the health care manager perspective

The MULTI-ACT project is in the final stages of developing a key component of the research and innovation documentation infrastructure to ensure effective and outcome-orientated cooperation between …

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BLOG     14 | 12 | 2020
Could co-accountability be used in research to impact the outcomes that matter most to patients and society?

Does health research and innovation impact patients? How are we currently measuring this? At present, the impact of research and innovation (R&I) is evaluated primarily through scientific …

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BLOG     27 | 10 | 2020
Patient Reported Outcomes: let’s keep patients engaged as key stakeholder in R&I

Have you ever heard about Patient Reported Outcomes; do you know what they are? Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) are:  “Any outcome evaluated directly by the patient him/herself and based …

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BLOG     18 | 03 | 2020
To ToC or not to ToC?

What is Theory of Change and why is it a useful, yet imperfect, approach for making change real India, West Bengali. It is a sunny morning and a brand-new project is about to start: it is a …

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BLOG     19 | 11 | 2019
Responsible research and innovation – MULTI-ACT’s Patient Engagement Strategy

A central activity in MULTI-ACT is the establishment of a group of experts focused on patient engagement: the Patient Engagement Group (PEG).  This PEG has developed guidelines to engage patients …

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BLOG     30 | 09 | 2019
Responsible research & Innovation – reducing the distance between science and society

Over the last decade, several attempts have been made to try and reduce the distance between science and society. These have led to the definition of a new approach, which has been called …

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